2008 Syrah Reserve Adds a Robust Punch to Paso Robles Wine Tasting

Paso Robles Drought Vintage Will Offer Pleasant Wine Tasting

The Paso Robles 2008 vintage was our second consecutive drought vintage. A late spring and moderate summer produced gradual ripening, with yields, and cool-climate characteristics. Yields were down due to shatter, small cluster sets and, in some cases, because of the early spring frost; however, we are pleased with the deep colors, variety of flavors, nice balance, elegant style, and rarity of the wines.

A Pioneer, Fragrant Tasting Wine for Hearthstone

Hearthstone’s first Reserve Syrah, shown powerful notes of black cherry, espresso, and cigar box in the scent. The mouth follows with dark chocolate, and a savory-earthy touch of tobacco, and a toasted oak leads to a lingering dry finish. A Paso Robles original.

Paso Robles’ Hearthstone Vineyard Allows for Thick, Intensely-flavored Berries

Syrah vines are relatively productive, yet sensitive to coulure, and although Syrah buds fairly late, it is a mid-season ripener. The Hearthstone Vineyard allows Syrah the required heat to get fully ripe to produce thick-skinned and dark berries. During sorting of the grape clusters, after harvesting, we pulled a small lot of extremely high quality culsters to produce this intense, deep violet colored and rich wine. Enjoy this limited, single barrel wine with your favorite winter meals.

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