Here is your upcoming club shipment details!

A few IMPORTANT DATES: MARCH 21st is the last day to update any information to your wine club account. MARCH 25th is when your credit card will be charged. ┬áMARCH 31st is when your wine will be shipped or the first day you can pick up your wine. 3 bottle mixed club-$74.97 + tax &… [Continue Reading]

Raining & Pouring

We have big news! The rain is here! You heard right, Paso Robles is expecting to get 4 inches of rain tomorrow. And, just 1″/acre equals 27,000 gallons of water. Why is this important for a vineyard in Paso Robles? Well, not all vineyards are dry farmedin Paso Robles and we are running out of… [Continue Reading]

2004 Fireside Claret – Ideal for a Romantic Tasting Experience in Paso Robles Wine Country


2004 Was a Fruitful Season in Paso Robles Wine Country This season was one of the fastest and earliest in the state’s history, starting at the beginning of August two to three weeks earlier than normal. Yields per acre were normal to light, but excellent quality fruit. At Hearthstone Vineyards in Paso Robles, we are… [Continue Reading]