Looking for a Wine Gift or a Special Wine for Yourself Online?

How to find the perfect wine without going wine tasting

Buying a wine gift or a special wine for yourself online is an easy way to get wines to your door, but are they always the best wines. My recommendation is to find a winery that you enjoy and place reorders from them, but if you are looking for new wines how do you find the quality? I have two recommendations. The first is Endless Wines, Leslie has a personal relationship with her customers.  She goes out to different wineries and tasts with customers in mind and does a wonderful job pairing wines with people. She has a wine club and an online store, or you can meet her in person at the Hearthstone Tasting Room for one of the Hearthstone Wino Seminars. The next recommendation is to find a blogger that has similar style to your own palate. One of my favorites is Viral Vines. Not only can you find good discussions about current, pertinent topics, but you can also find good descriptions about quality wines.

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