patio events in paso robles

Bring your next event to the Hearthstone patio!

From birthdays to bridal showers allow Hearthstone to accommodate your party planning needs. As you know, our patio offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Paso Robles countryside not lacking a view of the local equine and oak trees. Contact the tasting room manager to work out a personalized package for your special day.


“pick-up” party Spring 2014

I wanted to be sure to remind everyone who would like to attend our wine club “pick-up” party to RSVP. The event takes place over the course of 2 nights from 5-8pm (Friday April 4th & Saturday April 5th) so let us know which night will work best for you. This event is going to be so much fun. For the first time at Hearthstone your evening will be accompanied by bongo drums! You heard right! For dinner, enjoy some delicious lamb burgers paired with side dishes of Mediterranean influence. Be sure to call us at the tasting room (805) 238-2544. The wine to be featured are:

2011 Pinot Noir   2009 Profundo

2010 Syrah   2010 Pioneer  2010 Bruno Di Paso

2012 Roussanne    2009 Lodestone  2009 Fireside Claret





2009 Fireside Claret

zinfandel festival

Zinfandel Festival is upon us!

This Saturday from 12-4 we will be offering a chocolate, cheese, and wine pairing. Our tasting fees will be collected upfront this weekend but can be refunded with a bottle purchase. And, wow, we are pouring from some fun new bottles of wine. Here is a list of our wine pairing:

2012 Pearl-pair with a swiss cheese

2010 Grenache- pair with a goat gouda

2010 Pinot Noir

2010 Zinfandel- pair with toasted hazelnut and green tea truffle

2010 Pioneer- pairs with a pistachio & sea salt fudge

2011 Primate- pairs with espresso truffles

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon-pair with salted caramel fudge

Come and celebrate with us all weekend long! Thursday-Monday. Also enjoy the beautiful artwork from photographer Josh Kimball. We will have his art display up all weekend as well.

Here is your upcoming club shipment details!

A few IMPORTANT DATES: MARCH 21st is the last day to update any information to your wine club account. MARCH 25th is when your credit card will be charged.  MARCH 31st is when your wine will be shipped or the first day you can pick up your wine.

3 bottle mixed club-$74.97 + tax & shipping


  • 2012 Roussanne ($26)
  • 2011 Pinot Noir ($42)
  • 2010 Syrah ($30)

3 bottle red-$84.80 + tax & shipping

  • 2009 Profundo ($34)-Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah
  • 2011 Pinot ($42)
  • 2010 Syrah ($32)

6 bottle red-$145.60 + tax & shipping

  • Bruno Di Paso ($40)-Brunello clone Sangiovese
  • Pioneer ($28)-Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2011 Pinot Noir ($42)
  • 2009 Lodestone ($30)-Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre
  • 2010 Syrah ($30)
  • 2009 Fireside Claret ($38)-Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Remember if you want to add any additional wines to you wine club shipment you will receive an additional 5% discount off of the added wines and you will NOT be charged any additional shipping!

April 4th and 5th Wine Club Pick Up Party! 5-8 p.m. on either Friday or Saturday pick the day that works best for you. Come taste the new wines and pick up your shipment.  RSVP’s are required and each member may bring 3 additional people complementary! 805.238.2544


Raining & Pouring

We have big news! The rain is here! You heard right, Paso Robles is expecting to get 4 inches of rain tomorrow. And, just 1″/acre equals 27,000 gallons of water. Why is this important for a vineyard in Paso Robles? Well, not all vineyards are dry farmedin Paso Robles and we are running out of water for irrigation. So get your mud boots on and get out there and rain dance.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This Saturday, February 15th, from 12-4pm we will be offering a truffle and wine pairing for $10 in the Hearthstone Tasting Room. Whether this is your first time here or you are a returning customer, be sure to stop by and enjoy our hand crafted, award winning wines.

paso wine deals

Get it while its hot! 2008 Profundo

paso wine dealsIf the 2008 Profundo (57% Sangiovese, 28% Cab Sauv, 8% Cab Franc, 7% Syrah) has been one of your favorite wines at Hearthstone, then we have good new for you! Until February 3, we are offering a case sale for this wine. Buy 1 case of the 2008 Profundo and your price will be $16/bottle, buy 2 cases and your price will be $15/bottle, or buy 3 or more cases and your price will be only $14/ bottle. Aside from this offer a bottle of the 2008 Profundo sells for $34.00 Shipping a case of wine inside of California is only $12 and shipping a case of wine outside of California is only $25. Hurry and place your order while supplies last by contacting the tasting room at (805)238-2544 or

Your wine is ready with a new release!

We hope you are as excited about this January wine shipment as we are. A few IMPORTANT DATES: JANUARY 23rd is the last day to update any information to your wine club account. JANUARY 24th is when your credit card will be charged.  JANUARY 28th is when your wine will be shipped or the first day you can pick up your wine.

3-bottle Mixed      $72.00 + tax and shipping

-          2010 Cabernet Franc

-          2010 Pioneer (Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon)

-          2012 Pearl (Roussanne and Viognier)

3-Bottle Red Only   $80.00 + tax and shipping

-          2010 Cabernet Franc

-          2010 Pioneer (Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon)

-          2010 Bruno Di Paso (100% Brunello clone Sangiovese)

Remember if you want to add any additional wines to you wine club shipment you will receive an additional 5%  off of the added wines and you will NOT be charged any additional shipping!

hearthstone vineyard and winery

Holidays at Hearthstone!

hearthstone vineyard and wineryThe holidays are finally upon our tasting room now that our beautiful poinsettias have arrived. Come and get yours today! They will add a festive cheer as we get ready for our open house that is to take place on December 21st from 12-4 where you can try our new release of Syrah. Wont your first sip of our new 2010 Syrah be better by a lighted tree and yellow spotted poinsettias? We hope to see you there!

hearthstone estate

What to gift this Christmas

paso robles winery

2012 Pearl ( Roussanne & Viognier)-$26.00- Tropical notes, creamy butter, floral, rich & fresh with hints of orange peel

2010 Pearl Delight (Viognier & Roussanne)-$24.00-semi sweet pineapple and papaya, cream chews and Turkish delight

2012 Grenache Rose-$20.00-a beautiful salmon color, bright citrus, cinnamon, & tea leaf

2010 Grenache-$28.00-spice and espresso with cola notes on the finish; lean acidity with a wash of white pepper and clove on the teeth

2008 Slipstone(Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre)-$28.00-black fruit, walnut, and chalky tannins; well balanced with caramel on the finish

2009 Slipstone(Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre)-$28.00-black fruit & plum, full-bodied and round, oak and vanilla linger in the aftertaste

2009 Mourvedre-$32.00-a fragrant blue flowered garden, enriched with cherry and vanilla; light tannins with a tart oak base

2010 Pinot Noir-$42.00-round and plush with truffle and flower blossoms; soft acidity laced with honey and a minerality; aromas of brush oak with a flavor of pepper and spice

2010 Zinfandel-$28.00-a deep ruby color with aromas of black berry; a balanced acidity with spice and fresh herb

2008 Lodestone(Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre)-$30.00-Spice and cranberries fill your palate and leave a vanilla and oak finish, a smooth and rich texture

2009 Lodestone(Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre)-$30.00-Cherries, blackberry and plum; soft acidity with buttered toast and white pepper

2008 Profundo(Sangiovese, Cab S., Cab F., Syrah)-$34.00-cherry cola, leather, & mint, a New World Super Tuscan;

2009 Profundo(Sangiovese, Cab S., Cab F., Syrah)-$34.00-the acidity & sweetness of a cherry tomato, smooth vanilla leading to an oak finish, aromas of fresh toast and sea salt

2009 Sangiovese-$28.00-a slight caramel to the ruby colorand flavor profile; sage & dust;  rustic & earthy; acidity brushes your teeth as you enjoy dark fruits with a lingering finish

2011 Primate(Zinfandel & Petit Sirah)-$32.00-strawberries and raspberries topped with orange zest and cayenne pepper

2009 Fireside Claret(Cab F., Cab S., Merlot)-$34.00-black fruit, chocolate, & tobacco; ripe and peppery acidity with a fresh nose

2010 Cabernet Franc-$38.00-herbaceous; spicy jasmin in pepper and honey; clove and other spices; stewed plums with a vanilla finish

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon-$40.00-dark cherry, smoke, and rich cocoa; walnut lingering on the finish

2011 Tempranillo-$40.00-bold and tannic with rich acidity; opens with breathing to star anise, cedar,  and chocolate dipped berries

To order these wines please email or call the tasting room at (805)238-2544. Thank you!